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Villa for Weddings in Italy: Villa Baroncino

Welcome to a dream villa for your wedding in Italy

Romantic Italian Weddings provides his wedding planning services at this historic villa in Italy in Umbria region on the border with Tuscany.

Romantic Italian Weddings specializes in destination weddings in Italy. We have been arranging legal and religious weddings in Italy since 1998.

We arrange weddings and receptions in our beautiful Italian villas, Villa San Crispolto and Villa Baroncino Italy.

Built in the 18th century, the ancient "Villa Baroncino", one of our villas for weddings, nestles amidst a pleasant hilly landscape overlooking Lake Trasimeno, at the border between Umbria and Tuscany, halfway between the two renowned medieval towns of Orvieto and Siena. Villa Baroncino is a luxuriously furnished and exclusive historic villa with a refined ambience. Surrounded by soft rolling hills, the estate is plunged in lavish vegetation that is rich with woods, where nature can be thoroughly relished at its best. The Villa faces to the west on Mount Qualandro in the hills of Sanguineto, at the border of gentle Tuscany and lush green Umbria, not far from an ancient Castle; to the south, it faces Lake Trasimeno; and is surrounded by wooded hills to the east and north. The Villa was once an olive mill and has been refurbished in the style of those ancient times, maintaining the typical architectural features of the surrounding area.

Ancient stone walls characterize the exterior of the main building and the grandiose and impressive structure of unmistakable rural origin casts a magical spell of days gone by.

The Villa's panoramic position is reminiscent of its original purpose, its many acres of land still devoted to the cultivation of olives grove cultivation and the comfortable roads that allow for easy access.

The estate is comprised of two buildings: Villa Vittoria and Villa Adele.

From 1797 until recent times, Villa Vittoria hosted the town hall of the borough of Baroncino-Tuoro. A careful restoration turned it into an elegant three-story dwelling with nine apartments.

Villa Adele is the central core of the estate and is made up of three double-bedroom suites, the Wedding suite, a large kitchen, a dining room and a sitting room.

The villa is just a couple of minutes by car from Tuoro sul Trasimeno, a small borough that offers plenty of characteristic shops and typical restaurants. With a short drive, one arrives also to many important cities and towns in Tuscany and Umbria, like Perugia, Assisi, Cortona, Montepulciano, Siena, and Florence.

Rome can be reached by car in two and a half hours.

The Villa revels amidst luxuriant gardens, lavish with the vegetation typical of the Umbria region, acres of land covered with olive groves and century-old trees, two swimming pools and spectacular 360-degree views over the lake and the surrounding countryside. It is a perfect place to stay while discovering two of the most famous Italian regions, Umbria and Tuscany, and the atmosphere guarantees perfect relaxation after a full day of touring!

We put every effort into satisfying the needs of our guests, including services like Tuscan cooking classes, wine tours and wine tasting, internet access and cellular phones.

Villa Baroncino is the perfect setting for weddings and special events. In these places where history still breathes, the famous battle between the Romans and Carthaginians, better known as the "Battle of Trasimeno", took place.

The dawn of 24 June 217 B.C. was shrouded in mist when most of the Roman army broke through the plains north of Lake Trasimeno, snaking along the narrow road that divided the western slopes of the hills from the crystal waters of the lake. Hannibal had instructed his cavalry and the Celts to watch on the West, where the plains opened up. The Libyans and the Spaniards were at the center, where his camp had been set up, nearby the hill where we now find the borough of Tuoro. The slingers from the Balearic islands and the light cavalry were arranged on the eastern side, blocking the entire area and thus forming a trap. When the Carthaginian general commanded the attack, the Roman army was split in two by the cavalry and the Gauls.

The rearguard managed to escape, while the remaining part of the legion, lesser in number, was soon overwhelmed. The battle ended after three hours of fighting; resulting in nearly 10,000 dead Roman soldiers. The enemy killed most of them, while others killed each other to avoid being taken prisoner or drowning in the waters of the lake.

A group of 6,000 Roman soldiers in the vanguard succeeded in forcing their way to the east, but the following day they were taken prisoners by the Carthaginian army. The two armies were commanded by Hannibal the Carthaginian, a fine war strategist, bold warrior and, perhaps, a bit of a wizard.

This is the image of Hannibal handed down by historians: the astute man with a thousand maneuvers who won even with an army inferior in number.

Hannibal's unquestionable strategic capabilities were confirmed when he chose to reach Italy by land, believing that he could easily conquer the Roman subjects.

He left Carthage in the spring of 218 B.C., with an army of 50,000 soldiers, 9,000 horses and 37 elephants. During his long journey, he crossed the Pyrenees and the Alps, where he lost most of his elephants due to the cold temperatures.

He defeated the Romans at the Ticino and Trebbia and reinforced his army thanks to the support of Gaulish tribes.

Crossing the Apennines and the marshes of the Serchio and the Arno, many of his soldiers died of an epidemic and he himself severely injured an eye.

In the year 217 B.C., he reached the hilly lands of Lake Trasimeno, where he decided he would quickly destroy the Roman army to fan the fire of his fame and foment rebellion among the Etruria people. Consul Caio Flaminio Nepote headed the Roman army at the time, a leader of the popular party and bold political innovator. Unfortunately, his many detractors underlined his lack of military competence.

According to some historians, Flaminio committed the sin of imprudence and ingenuity when, without having explored the site beforehand, he was drawn into Hannibal's trap. In part, this judgment ought to be corrected. In fact, while waiting for the arrival of the troops commanded by the other consul, Servilio, who was marching from Rimini, Flaminio followed the Carthaginian army for a long time, keeping his distance and with no hurry to begin the attack.

With a smaller army and in a decidedly unfavorable position though, he was obliged to yield to military tactics that, according to Roman culture, was disloyal and contrasted gravely with the supreme value of "fides".

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These photos tell the "perfect" wedding day of a couple to which among others we have organized their marriage.

Fantastic wedding day for this lovely couple coming from Uk.

The day started with preparations at the Villa Baroncino, civil ceremony in the beautiful town hall of Cortona.

After the Ceremony a good Italian ice cream and then photo session in the fields before returning to the Villa for the big party.

The photos of this page are by Domenico Costabile

"Villa Baroncino proved to be absolutely stunning, just as charming as your website suggested. The gardens particularly were beautiful, and created what many of our friends described as a 'movie star wedding day'."

Luke and Katrina - Villa Baroncino, UK

"The Villa Baroncino is a hidden jem, tucked away in the rolling hills of Umbria, surrounded by olive trees and the gardens are an absolute credit to you, and they compliment the villa perfectly."

Alan and Sandra - Villa Baroncino, Ireland

"Everyone has their own thoughts about how they want their wedding to be and having not visited Villa Baroncino prior to our wedding we were hopeful that the villa would live up to being everything the website information purported. We were not to be disappointed! As we approached the villa I have to say that we were very nervous, would it be everything we expected and hoped it to be? We need not have worried. As the coach pulled up to the entrance we were met with the longest driveway that meandered up to the three main buildings and instantly all of our worries subsided. Surrounding the drive was a number of beautifully maintained gardens and the size of the grounds was simply breathtaking. We parked at the front of the accommodation building and were meet by Michelle who was very welcoming and keen to ensure that everything we could possibly require was accommodated to. Michelle took pride in showing everyone to their rooms and we all agreed (including some of the most discerning guests within our party) that the accommodation was unbelievable. The lengths to which Marco has gone to ensure authenticity of furniture and styling was amazing and everyone was indeed truly impressed with their accommodation. David and I were particularly impressed with the bridal suite too, a room truly fit for a king and queen!"

Dave and Paula - Villa Baroncino, UK

More photos of Villa Baroncino